Jeremy Stewart

I love talking about myself and I hate writing bios. 


But here it goes. 

I like surreal, dark, magical, and fantastical things. Modern myths, folklore, re-interpretations of stories we've all heard before. 

(NYU Tisch - 2016)


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Rare Poster 2.jpeg

Written and Directed by 
Jeremy Stewart

Two immortal vampires sit down for dinner.


BLACK AND CHROME version coming soon!

Everything I Learned Came From the Television

Written and Directed by 
Jeremy Stewart

When Hannah gets fed up with the amount of people she's killed, she turns against her mentor and has to confront him. She mutinies against her oppressors and the AI that controls them, using her mind control to try and break free and stop the dystopian future from happening


Awaiting Festival Circuit 2021


The Thing PRESENTS Incubus - A COVID rehearsal for the pilot, Incubus

Directed by Jeremy Stewart

Written by Regina Kim

After causing a near-fatal aviation disaster, insomniac air traffic controller Camille Park seeks help from famed neuroscientist Kenji Kamitani to better understand her sleep paralysis.

Awaiting Festival Circuit 2021

Due to COVID-19, we did a Zoom rehearsal of selected scenes.

Watch it here!

The Ceremony

Directed by 
Jeremy Stewart 

A dinner party between the two leaders of a cult goes awry as they talk about power and the direction of their cult.

Currently in 2020 Festival Circuit

Rhode Island Film Festival - VORTEX (Oscar Qualifying) - Horror Selection

Chelsea Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) - Horror Selection

LA Shorts (Oscar/Bafta Qualifying) - Horror Selection

WINNER - Best Horror - Queen Palm International Film Festival

ElEs Poser Laurel.png
Extra Large and Extra Spooky

Written and Directed by 
Jeremy Stewart

A pizza girl's mind starts playing tricks on her as she makes her first delivery to a spooky house

Official Selections:

Shore to Shore Film Festvial   INDIE X Film Festival

Under the Stars IFF                 Hollyweed Film Festival

Hyperwave Film Festival        New York Film Awards

Koscie Film Awards